Let me Introduce Myself

Hi there!

I postponed this for a long, too long time. One might say I’m a procrastination champion. Never mind that, I won’t talk about (my) procrastination (that might be a topic for another article), let me introduce myself properly. Not too long.

Hi! (again). I am Alen Širola (she-Rolah), a “full-spread” (self-defined) developer, working mostly with WordPress-related code and projects since 2008.

It all started with a project my wife and I planned to do for our family business – a hospitality business directory for companies in our country. After trying to go with the technologies such as ASP.NET, open-source CMSs like Joomla, and Drupal (and some others I can’t even remember their names), we ran into WordPress. To make a long story short – the rest is history. No, just kidding, here’s the rest:

Fighting the 2008. economic crisis aftermath, after a couple of years we had to abandon the hospitality business directory project, and we started creating and selling premium themes on Envato, which lasted until recently (2020-ish). All of this time we’ve been having a lot of client projects, all created with WP and maintained, and developed one mid-sized WooCommerce shop.

After about a dozen of premium themes, a couple of plugins, thousands (if not millions) lines of code, and thousands of support tickets, I am here, ready to again embrace another technology change. The Gutenberg editor landed some years ago in WordPress, and things started to change, while we were stranded in “the old ways of WordPress”, and now is the time (better late than never) for me to jump into a brave new future.

Finally, here it is – my blog space. With time, hopefully, this address will be filled with articles, mostly about the development, WordPress and WooCommerce, the Blocks, Block editor, and Full Site Editing, and probably some other content related to WordPress generally.






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