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Creating with WordPress since 2009.

The Micemade

The Micemade

After the famous “five minutes install” screen everything changed. WordPress became a way to create better, intuitive, fast, and reliable websites for our clients. After jumping from one technology to another, creating vanilla HTML/CSS sites, or “rich-media” sites with Flash (does anyone still remembers that?), WordPress was such a delightful path to take.

Years went by, and we found ourselves in the world of web templates, or better, WordPress themes, creating and selling them as a part of Envato Marketplace (once known as Theme Forest). Our main area of expertise was eCommerce-oriented WordPress themes, first with a promising WordPress plugin WP Ecommerce, but soon transferred to WooCommerce, which ended up in our main focus until today.

If you need a fast, scalable, and secure WooCommerce-driven web shop, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, if only just for our consulting services.

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