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  • WP CLI command for deleting old posts

    WP-CLI is the official command line tool for interacting with and managing your WordPress sites. When used correctly, it may optimize some tedious or repetitive tasks in the day-to-day work of WordPress site maintenance. That especially applies to sites with much content, thousands of posts, pages, products, and projects, along with media and taxonomies. If […]

  • Block themes for classic theme developers – part three

    Ok, so I covered the templates, template parts, patterns, theme.json, and global styles in the last two articles. In this article, I will go through some additional functionalities which may come in handy in creating a Block theme. But I do suggest (if you are new to Block themes) to read my first two articles […]

  • Block themes for classic theme developers – part two

    If you bumped into this article by accident and noticed the “part two” in the title, that’s because there is a “part one” ( Block themes for classic theme developers – part one 🔗 ) on this topic, where I wrote about the WordPress Site Editor, Templates, Template Parts and Patterns, the basic principles and […]

  • Block themes for classic theme developers – part one

    The intro If you are like me – an “old school” WordPress theme developer, still hanging in the PHP-based WP theme development “hood”, and have been reluctant to jump into the “not so” new WordPress paradigm shift, been called and described with various names or phrases – “Block themes“, “Full Site Editing“, “Site editor”, “everything […]

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